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Where do YPs go after the World Bank?

The Young Professionals Recruitment Program that Produced Heads of Countries and Titans of Industry

For fifty-six years, the World Bank Young Professionals Program has produced political and business leaders. 

What do Martin Wolf (Financial Times chief economics commentator), Simeon Djankov (former Bulgarian deputy PM and finance minister), Hedayat Amin Arsala (former VP of Afghanistan), and Jin-Yong Cai (former IFC CEO and TPG partner) have in common? Apart from having PhDs in Economics, they were all former World Bank Young Professionals. 

Mary Ellen Iskenderian (president of Women’s World Banking), Sunil Sanghvi (retired McKinsey senior partner), and Gavin Wilson (former Goldman Sachs managing director and IFC AMC CEO) have MBAs instead of economics PhDs, but they too were all former World Bank YPs.  

The vast majority of YPs stay on after they complete the two-year Young Professionals Program (the YPP was previously only a year long). The majority will even stay on at the World Bank after their initial five-year contract ends. On rare occasions, a World Bank YP will permanently move to the International Finance Corporation (IFC). 

When World Bank YPs leave the World Bank Group, they often join another international or development organization, work in development consulting, return to their previous company (more common with management consultants), or start freelance/creative careers. However, the examples below stand out because they chose different paths. Ten more former YPs:

YPP Year

Country of 1st Univ degree

Position after leaving WB

Current or other positions




Senior Fellow and Director, Africa Program

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Ahmadu Bello University

BSc International Relations and French


University of Oxford

Ph.D. International Development


The University of Birmingham

M.Sc. International Political Economy and Development



David M. Rubenstein Fellow (Global Economy and Development)

The Brookings Institution

Clemson University

BA Economics and Mathematics


University of Oxford

PhD Economics

MSc Economics for Development



Director of China Programs and Strategic Initiatives

University of Pennsylvania

Princeton University

Bachelor of Arts 

Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs


University of Oxford

PhD Politics

Master of Science Environmental Change and Management



Partner & Associate Director

Boston Consulting Group

Cornell University

BA Government, Economics and International Relations


Harvard Business School



Harvard Kennedy School

MPP Public Policy



Assistant Professor

American University School of International Service


B.A. Modern European Studies (Economics & Italian)


London School of Economics and Political Science 

Ph.D. Economics

Master's degree Global Market Economics



Vice President, Programs 

Energy Foundation

Peking University

BS and MS Atmospheric Physics and Environment


Princeton University

PhD Science Technology and Environment Policy 

School of Public and International Affairs



Energy Access and Investments Team


Co-founder and COO


Stanford University

BS Mechanical Engineering


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

PhD Engineering Systems


University of Melbourne

MEng Development Technologies




Mitsubishi Corporation

(Investment Banking Group)

Executive Vice President & CFO

TEPCO Renewable Power, Inc.



Bridgepoint Capital Ltd

Keio University

BA Economics


University of California, Los Angeles - The Anderson School of Management



South Korea

Founder, GPI-a boutique financial advisory company

Representative (IC) Expert

Korea Expert Consulting Group 


Director of the Supervisory Board

Macquarie Korea Infrastructure Fund

Seoul National University 

B.A. International Economics


Wharton School- MBA


The George Washington University

Ph.D International Finance and Business



Vice President

EAC Data ApS (ØK Data)


Lucas Corporate Finance

corporate finance advisory services



SoftHouse Europe

Copenhagen Business School

B.Sc. Business Administration


The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth- MBA


If you want to listen to the experiences of YPs during their time as World Bank Young Professionals, sign up for free to Real YP Experiences to listen to their stories. The aforementioned former YPs are not affiliated with YPP Mentor. 

Do you want to hear the firsthand experiences of other former World Bank Young Professionals from the same program that influenced a deputy prime minister, vice president, Financial Time chief econ commentator, i-banking managing director, PE partner, and NGO CEO? Click on the enroll button

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Excerpt: Do you have a passion for international development/finance? Do you have skills in economics, finance and political risk insurance in emerging markets, education, health, social sciences, infrastructure development, engineering, urban planning, agriculture, natural resource management or other areas relevant to public/private sector development? The WBG YPP is a two-year leadership development program at the start of a five-year employment contract with the World Bank, IFC or MIGA. YPs must have a graduate degree and been born on or after October 1, 1989.

YPP Mentor (this site) is an unofficial website that does not represent the views of the World Bank Group. The former Young Professionals are speaking only of their own personal experiences. They are not representing the World Bank Group.  

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